Salary Negotiation Consultation


This incredibly popular subject matter is giving job seekers everywhere the tools needed to create salary freedom and security within their current jobs or as they move into new ones.


Based on facts and research rather than fear and intimidation, this salary negotiation strategy will ensure you get adequately compensated for the incredible value you bring with you.


Your unique skill set is unmatched, and so, understanding how to show your worth is a crucial skill to not only finding financial success but a more balanced and appreciative relationship with your role.


At this consultation, you will learn:


• How to shift your mindset from Past-Salary-Value to Job-Performed-Value so you can demonstrate why you're a high-value hire during your next job interview.


• How to negotiate a pay raise and maximize your salary using 13 actionable tactics.

• How to create a year-over-year compensation analysis so you can future-proof your finances.


• How to weigh the non-compensation pros and cons of the job, so you are not making serious life-decision based on money alone.






Salary Negotiation Consultation